Why did the team decide to do BladeWarrior ?

Our team comes from well-known international blockchain organizations and well-known 3A game listed companies, like Blizzard, we have successful project experience of more than 100 million users.
Our vision is to advance the development of blockchain games by 10 years, and the goal is to be the No. 1 brand of blockchain games.
It's hard to see a well-made, playable, Play2Earn game in the market, so we decided to make such a game.
Our official version of the game just launched two weeks ago, and it's early phase in the game, so if you're interested, you can try to experience and play it.

What makes BladeWarrior so special and could stand out from the crowd?

First of all, DeFi broke out from last year to this year, and it has not yet reached the outbreak period. Despite competition, it is still a blue ocean.
We think, in Phase1.0, most P2E games only had Earn, without Play, and lack of playability. In Phase 2.0, it is necessary to have Earn and Play. Blade, as the pass of BladeWarrior game, is a hard currency. Buying NFTs, characters, equipment upgrades, EGGs, pets synthesize, etc. will require the use of Blade. It can be foreseen that Blade will have a lot of value.
We have also designed heroes for other partners, which will bring players a different combat experience in the game.

Token economics in game

We have well designed token economics in game.
There will be some scenarios to produce Blade: PVP & PVE Battle, Daily Tasks, and Participating in Extreme Challenges. And there will be many scenarios to consume Blade: Buying NFTs, Upgrading & Synthesis, Pledging & Custody, and Rental.
You can use Blade to buy NFT so that you can participate in the game. While battling, you will get EGGs as rewards. And EGGs can be buy Pet Box to get pets. Pets can be synthesize into a high-level pet, pet also can be decomposed into BLADE, or be exchanged on NFT marketplace, or be used for farming with good returns.
There will be a variety of game-play methods in the game, such as EGGs, pets, gems, etc., but Blade is a hard currency, a rigid demand item in the game.
Blade can only be produced in the game, such as defeating monsters and so on. It can also be used to buy land, and it can even be used to trade NFTs in the future.
We also have a mining mechanism. We encourage players not to rush to sell the blade they have acquired, but to let the blade achieve more value in the game.
In addition, we are also developing Blade staking and LP mining, which can also push up the price while ensuring the profit of the game.

What are the current partners of BladeWarrior?

Ecological partners are very important for a project. We have close ties with our partners in the market.
We are actively developing the partnership before launching Iotex. We have reached cooperation with Iotex official, TreasureLand, Cyclone, StarCrzay and other partners; You will get CYC and StarCrazy tokens in Blade's eco map.
When we were on the OEC, in addition to having a very good relationship with the OEC official, our partners included Sota.finance, CherrySwap and JSwap. We built connection with TokenPocket, Coin98, CoinHub, Mathwallet, ONTO and HyperPay, listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, FeiXiaoHao and MyToken.
We are also listed by Coinbase this month, and we are the only one project which on the OEC that is listed by Coinbase currently.
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