How To Play

How To Play

The Introduction of how to play blade warrior game
In Blade Warrior, you assume the role of a hero - warrior, knight, or sorceror - wielding a magical weapon in battle against menacing monsters that threaten humanity. Blade Warrior is a play-to-earn game - your characters and equipment are NFTs, and your successes earn you real-world value. Every victory yields EGGs, which can be used to purchase pets. Your pets, in turn, produce $Blade tokens, which are tradeable on the open market.

The Crypto Gaming Market

At the start of 2022, the total market cap of crypto gaming is around $31 billion. Axie Infinity, the number one blockchain game, has a market cap of $5.5 billion. With the entire conventional video game market valued at approximately $200 billion, there is plenty of room for growth in blockchain gaming.

Blade Warrior in the Gaming Market

Blade Warrior, a cross-chain blockchain game, already occupies a unique position in the burgeoning crypto gaming sector. We hold a first-mover advantage as the first metaverse and play-to-earn game on the OEC blockchain, an open blockchain developed by the OKEx crypto exchange. OKEx is one of the most widely-used crypto exchanges in the world, and one of our closest partners.
Blade Warrior is embracing the cross-chain future of gaming by expanding its reach to multiple blockchains. Our partnership with IoTeX exemplifies this approach, with other blockchains in the pipeline. Visit our official website and Twitter account to stay up-to-date on upcoming collaborations. Other partners include decentralized exchanges Cherryswap and MySwap, as well as popular blockchain game, Starcrazy.
Blade Warrior is already live in beta on the IoTeX network, and will have an official launch soon. IoTeX is a very innovative network and has one of crypto’s fastest growing communities, so we are thrilled to see how our partnership will continue to evolve.
Blade Warrior’s team hails from leading AAA gaming companies, such as Blizzard, as well established blockchain projects. Our collective experience and skills have enabled us to release a playable game for our community within a matter of months, unlike most projects, which can take a year of more to create an initial version of a game. We hope that this demonstrates our commitment to the community, and we are continuing to actively develop Blade Warrior on a daily basis, in allignment with our roadmap.

How to Get Started

One of the most attractive features of Blade Warrior is its low barrier to entry. A single hero and weapon are all that are required to begin playing (and earning!). Please note that you will have to use $Blade tokens to buy a hero NFT, as well as any weapon or equipment NFTs.
To get started, follow these steps:
1. Download a Metamask or OKEx wallet.
2. If you are using a Metamask wallet, add the OKEx Network. If you are using an OKEx wallet, make sure that you are on the OEC Mainnet Network.
3. If you do not already have them, buy OEC tokens (OKT) on a centralized exchange, such as OKEx or Gate.io.
4. Transfer those OEC tokens to your (Metamask or OKEx) wallet.
5. Visit Cherryswap, connect your wallet, and trade those OEC tokens for $Blade tokens.
6. Visit the official Blade Warrior website: blade.game.
7. Click “Connect Wallet” and follow the prompts.
8. Click “Game NFT” and purchase your hero and weapon of choice.
9. Click “Game”, play and enjoy!

Gameplay and Tokenomics

To begin playing Blade Warrior, simply look at the map for a monster to engage in combat - the more dangerous the opponent, the higher the reward.
Blade Warrior uses a novel, two-token model, which allows for both generous rewards and sustainable growth. Every victory earns you EGGs, which can then be used to purchase pets. Pets can be put to work on a farm, “decomposed” into $Blade, “synthesized” to generate more valuable pets, or sold. $Blade can, of course, be traded on the open marketplace.
As your hero gains fighting experience, your earning potential will increase. You can also purchase higher level heroes and weapons to increase your earning potential. At present, fighting is automated, so gameplay is both fun and relaxing.
The maximum number of daily combat engagements is limited by your hero’s energy level. Every day, your hero begins with 100 energy points, which are depleted over the course of the day’s fighting. The following day, the energy is replenished. Also, your pets gradually reach their full value with the passage of time.
As a fun, additional option, treasure boxes available for purchase, offering many surprises for you!
For a more complete guide to gameplay and tokenomics, take a look at this tutorial article on Medium. You can also refer to our white paper.